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Welcome to TicknorPhoto's Community Website. This SITE is under construction.

You can view my most recent work on Facebook at facebook.com/TicknorPhoto

You can view my recent uploads here

You can view my recent YouTube video uploads on my Channel here

TicknorPhoto is based in San Diego, CA.  If you are a model, and would like to shoot, feel free to contact me at TicknorPhoto@gmail.com and we can schedule a time and place.

Some of my recent work

Feel the Music

Shawn - 0 Rep in this Positive (Ticknor Photography) • 15.7k Total
2 years ago
Ti - 0 Rep in this Positive (Ticknor Photography) • 100 Total
I loved your video on the HDR and Shadow Mapping. Can you tell me how to set up the Shadow Mapped preset?
15 days ago

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Work - 100 Rep in this Positive (Ticknor Photography) • 100 Total
Hello, I would purchase exclusively one of your works .. please contact me text 347 893 4419 or email to info@workcollaborat​ion.com or fpoyavo99 at yahoo.com
1 year ago   •  Link  •  Gallery

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